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About us

Predator Importers have been doing business since April 2011 and we now have more than three thousand five hundred clients all over South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland,Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and India .

Our alarm systems are easy to install and can be installed by anyone, providing that the installation instructions are properly followed. About 95 percent of our clients install our products themselves. The other 5 percent request an installation service which we then provide.

Most of our sales are created by 'word of mouth' - this is existing clients telling their friends and family about the system. Like one of our clients stated: "I can sleep peacefully at night, because my Predator never sleeps!" 

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We offer the following

  • Predator X2 Touch Pad Alarm System
  • Predator X2 Pro Touch Pad Alarm System
  • Predator X3 commercial level alarm system
  • Outdoor Wireless Solar infra-red Sensor
  • Smoke Sensors Alarm System
  • Unit for Armed Response Radios
  • Outdoor Wireless Solar Microwave/IR Sensor
  • PIR Pet Friendly 12M
  • Stinger Alarm Kits
  • Wireless Ceiling Sensor
  • Predator Necklace Panic Button
  • Wireless Outdoor Beams
  • Wireless Water level detector
  • Predator GSM Car Alarm and Tracker System 
  • Our Predator car alarm and tracker gives you control of your car ALWAYS!
  • Know where your car is at all times
  • No monthly subscriptions
  • Free online monitoring and tracking of your car
  • Recover your stolen car by remotely cut the power and fuel of your stolen car

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Mobile: 079 966 2182 / 079 168 7807
Email:  wirelessdiyalarms@gmail.com

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Address: No 837 Nico Smith Street (The Old Michael Brink Street) between 21st and 22nd avenue Villieria Pretoria 0186 Gauteng


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