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About Our Security Systems

Predator Importers have been doing business since April 2011 and we now have more than three thousand five hundred clients all over South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland,Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe and India.

Our alarm systems are easy to install and can be installed by anyone, providing that the installation instructions are properly followed. About 95 percent of our clients install our products themselves. The other 5 percent request an installation service which we then provide.

Most of our sales are created by 'word of mouth' - this is existing clients telling their friends and family about the system. Like one of our clients stated: "I can sleep peacefully at night, because my Predator never sleeps!" Therefore we consider after sales service and technical assistance as absolutely vital for forward progress as a company. We have technical personnel as well as a technical workshop to provide technical assistance to our clients if needed.  

If you are very far away from Pretoria where our offices are, you do not have to be concerned. The Predator alarm is wireless which makes it easy to install and maintain you. You can even take it with you if you move into a new house. Whenever you have a problem or need advice you can call our technical helpline.

The most popular feature is that the alarm is GSM. It calls you or sms you when someone intrudes and it will even let you know where the intruder is in your house and where he entered your house.

You can also connect the Predator alarm to an armed response company if you so desire.


Quality and service

We have a whole quality department testing each and every product before we place it in our customer’s hands. Strong and friendly support is always priority. We are only one phone call away. It is our mission to make very sure that our clients can install our systems quick and with ease.


Research and technology

We also manufacture some of our products ourselves. We listen very carefully to the requests from our customers and we constantly find new high quality products that have as end result a product range that is not only wanted and needed but also on the forefront of technology.



When sourcing and developing new products we do not go for the cheapest but do spend lots of time to get the best deals. Our profit margins are kept fair, we buy and ship in bulk and employ all kinds of cost saving techniques to have a product range that is affordable.

Lots of information on our product are available on our website.


Of course we also will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact Paul or Charity at the numbers below.

079 966 2182 | 079 168 7807

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