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I am staying in a crime-ridden area. It was very hard to sleep peacefully at night. During the day I was worried at work about my family and my possessions at home. The uncertainty was killing me. When I got the Predator alarm system, it all changed! At night I sleep peacefully, because my Predator never sleeps. At work I have the certainty that I will know immediately if something is wrong at my house, because my alarm will tell me. I should have gotten this system a long time ago. I would have had less grey hair!!  - WS

I have had three break-ins in two weeks and then I decided to get a Predator alarm system. I had the system for about two weeks and then we caught the thief trying to break in again. I then managed to recover various possessions that have been stolen the previous times!! Thank you very much for this system. I am telling everybody about it and I mean everybody!! ! - HA

I have a Predator alarm system for two years now and I am a very happy customer. I always get friendly and quick service. One Saturday I had a small problem with my alarm system. I sent an e-mail to Charity (she is one of the sales persons at Predator) notifying her that I have a problem and need assistance. I expected a reply maybe on Monday or Tuesday. Five minutes after I sent off the e-mail she phoned me! She assisted me with friendliness and care until my problem was resolved. This is really great service! This type of service is very hard to come by! - SV

Well it took all of an hour to install, wire, and drill etc. the 2 door switches and 4 PIR's and main unit. Power up and everything was working. An absolute pleasure - so thanks again for your assistance. I will recommend this to anyone. I priced comparable products from 3 other industry suppliers - 2 were DIY, the 3rd was dealer installed. You were a third of the price overall, excluding installation. I also added my cell phone as a contact call on activation - a minute's work - and tested. The call comes through within seconds of the activation, the sms at the same time. Very impressive considering one of your competitors was asking R52-50 more than I paid for the entire Predator system - just for the GSM dialling module!" - MA